NPS Survey - The Why, The How and Tons of Feelings

Here at Recruiterbox we are in love with listening to our customers. Almost all of the changes we make within our product are the direct result of conversation we’ve had with our customers. Every single person in our company reads the feedback that our customers write. We are obsessed with it. And we wanted more. A few weeks back our team ran an NPS survey. For us, running an NPS survey wasn’t just to check some type of “we did it” box. In the short run, NPS survey results can give you excellent individual customer feedback - what… Read more »

Learnings from "Running Inside Sales for US, from India" - iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable

It is an exciting phase for the Indian SaaS eco-system. There are a lot of companies from India trying to build products for the global market. Some of them have been able to scale to tens of thousands of customers and millions of dollars in revenue. Many others are just getting started or want to step up their game. In both cases, there are trying to figure things out, sort of solving a jigsaw puzzle. Sales is a big part of the puzzle. There are many questions to be answered - how to generate leads, how to sell, whom to… Read more »

Creating your "fitting room"

I’ve always gravitated towards jobs in the customer service field, many different areas, but always customer service. I did the whole retail gamut, moving up in Victoria’s Secret to be a “Bra Specialist”, which is not as glamorous as it sounds. The coolest part of that position was not the snazzy pin I got to wear, but it was that I was removed from all of the retail madness and was able to make the fitting room a sanctuary. It was just me and the customer, one on one, working to give them the confidence they so deserved.… Read more »

My expectations of a job and Recruiterbox

When I was scouting for a job change, I had a set of expectations in my mind. Exposure in a product focussed startup. Understand customer usage patterns, solve their problems and get immediate feedback for the solutions. My opinions should be given due diligence. Clear separation of my personal and professional life The workplace shouldn’t be hierarchical rather decentralised. Its been close to a year in Recruiterbox and have my expectations been met? Lets find out. Recruiterbox is a SaaS product startup focussed on solving the hiring needs of customers by making hiring and applicant tracking more organised, easier,… Read more »

The often overlooked quality...

There are many qualities that make us. Some, we are born with and others, we acquire over time. Some become apparent in the first interaction, but others might not be easy to notice. There is one extremely important quality that often gets overlooked, especially during job interviews. And that is DISCIPLINE. There are many definitions of the word Discipline. Google throws up a definition that talks about obedience, disobedience and punishment! In my opinion, discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. Discipline is painful. It isn't cool or fun to talk about. But in… Read more »